Finding the Right Real Estate Agent for Buying a House

For most Canadians, a home is often the largest purchase they will ever make in life. It’s not just a purchase but a significant moment in life that heralds the arrival- and also signifies the worth – in the society. So naturally, stakes will be high, therefore making the buying decision both exciting and challenging at the same time.

And since most people keep aside their life savings to buy a home someday, it makes sense to take caution and seek professional help as only this can avoid those common mistakes that property transactions involve.

This is where taking the help of a real estate broker matters a lot as it can help a buyer like you successfully navigate the many complex nuances of a real estate transaction. And since an agent represents your best interest, and is always there throughout the buying process, you’re always assured of a good property.

It’s however not easy to find a good agent unless you’re ready to do some research. In this post, we will tell you where and how to find the best professional for handling your property buying so that everything can fall exactly into places the way you’d expect.

What should buyers do before finding a real estate broker?

A home is obviously one of the most significant purchases in life, so a bit of planning and some consideration is key on part of buyers in securing a good property. As a buyer, while the top priority is always to find the best real estate broker but there are a few other important things you should not lose sight of before getting an agent on board. And some of those things include –

  • Make sure you’ve sorted out the key things for your property such as the budget, home type, the locality etc. before approaching an broker
  • Be always mentally prepared for the deal as it may happen anytime the moment you hire an agent
  • Get your finances in order and if possible take steps to have a pre-approved mortgage for the property
  • Keep the mortgage documents ready and in order to make mortgage approval as smooth as it can get
  • And if you don’t have enough savings for a down payment, you better start thinking of financing that part as well to buy house

Tips to find the right real estate agent for buying a property

Now when you’re sorted with the things to do before buying a house or condo, it’s time to start looking for an agent. Some of these tips might help –

Run some research on at least three real estate brokers.

When you are on the search for real estate agents, the thumb rule says you should zero in on at least three agents. There are some really good places like LinkedIn, Facebook where you can find them easily. You can dig deep and collect the information and assess the experience of the agents. It’s always helpful to read the reviews, peruse through the testimonials of the website and approach the clients of the agents directly to be sure about their work level. The more seriously you do the research, the better it will serve you in the selection process.

Speak with those brokers

Once you’re done with the research part, you can always follow it up by speaking with the agents one by one. When you kind of interview them, more clarity will emerge in terms of their experience, their style of working, their level of client handling etc. The conversation you have with the agents can prepare you well in approaching the transaction with a better mind-set.

Seek referrals

When you’re on a lookout for an agent, a referral can come very handy and may point you in the right direction. Recommendations from friends and family are always valuable as then you will get leads that are proven. The best thing about referral is that it takes away all the apprehensions that you’d otherwise have in approaching someone you don’t know or have never heard of before. In fact, when someone recommends you a name and gives you a little lowdown on them, it’s kind of does half the job for you.

Rely on ads

You can always count on TV, radio or newspaper ads if nothing else works for you on your journey of finding a real estate agent.  These ads are so ubiquitous you will find them literally everywhere, whether you turn a magazine or look around on the road. You however should play your part even when some ads have caught your attention. Make sure you still follow the due diligence, ask for reference and read reviews before taking a final call on the agent.

Final Thoughts

Buying a property without the help of a professional can get incredibly hectic. It can make all your plans go haywire as well. The complexity of the entire process might occasionally leave you puzzled and frustrated. To avoid all this, you should take a real estate broker on board as then everything will get as smooth as you secretly wish.

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