Selecting The Right Dining Room Chairs

We are aware that the dining experience isn’t just about the food. The ambiance and feel of the dining area also contributes to creating a memorable moment with family and friends enjoying a meal together. In home staging, the goal is to create a space that lets potential home buyers see themselves and their family in the different rooms and areas. For the dining room, your selection of dining chairs would be a big component of staging success.

Home buyers want much more than just a functional space to eat or share meals. As in the other parts of the home, buyers want a combination of form and function. What is particularly appealing would be a dining area that looks open and welcoming, and goes with the theme of the rest of the house, but also fulfills its main purpose of providing an area for the residents to eat. Dining room chairs are not merely furniture items for family members to sit during meals, but also complement the dining table and the rest of the dining area, and keep everyone comfortable while eating.

Style should blend with the home design

There are various styles of dining room chairs, and the ones you choose should be in line with your dining area’s staging plan, not to mention the rest of the home’s. For more formal dining areas, for example, suitable dining chairs would be velvet-padded or with satin covers and elegant patterns for a tinge of understated sophistication; patterns that are too loud or brightly-colored would be distracting.

For contemporary dining rooms, suggestions would be chairs with thicker padding and covers including leather, suede, or synthetic materials, as these chairs look great with dark wood or clear glass tables. Another option for contemporary dining chairs would be benches or booth-style seating.

Meanwhile, for minimalist-styled dining areas, very simple chairs with simple lines and patterns and very little to no detail would blend well. There are also minimalist chairs you can look into, with no padding, fabric, or backrests, depends on what your dining table looks like. Dark wood or metal are commonly used for minimalist dining chairs, and recommended colors for fabrics or seat covers include white, black, or gray.


Now, mixing and matching different styles can also work for dining chairs if you can find the right contrast. For instance, if your uptight, formal dining area needs a little touch of casual flair to lighten up the mood, look for dining chairs with a unique color or design pattern, or even different-colored dining chairs for variety.

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