Helpful Hints For Sprucing Up Your Shelves And Bookcases

Shelves are commonly found in different rooms and areas all over the house. If you are efforting home staging plans for your house, and arranging furniture and other fixtures to achieve the desired look or ambiance, then you must not forget to spruce up your shelves and bookcases also to have the visual impact that clients will remember.

Shelves and bookcases can transform into very versatile pieces of furniture if you can repurpose them for different uses, whether it is for décor, accent, or multifunction use. They are easy to repaint if you prefer a different color that fits more with the area, or for some shelves you can use more of your creativity by using fabrics or covers with varying designs and prints.

Here are certain tips for making your bookcases and shelves look fabulous and appealing:

—Empty picture frames make for great geometric patterns on shelf walls. Of course, one of home staging main principles is to keep the home depersonalized, so instead of displaying your family’s photos on the shelves and walls, use just the picture frames as creative decor for the shelves. Look for photo frames in different sizes and shapes for striking designs.

—Repaint what needs to be repainted. If the paint is already peeling in certain areas of the bookcase, give it a fresh coat of paint for a quick makeover. Many designers suggest painting the inside of the bookcase a couple of shades darker than the general room color so the bookcase creates visual contrast.

—The shelf or bookcase can be functional. It’s not just books or mementos that can be displayed on shelves and bookcases. You can use these furniture pieces as a wine bar or serving station, or utilize one of the lower shelves as a corner work area with a computer and fold-down desk.

—Mix up the symmetry. Too much order, matching, or symmetry

tends to be be boring and be a hindrance to creating visual impact for potential

clients. Instead of shelves that are line up in a straight line, how about mixing them up a little bit? Stay away from too much color matching by putting contrasting elements. Create variety in the shelf height and width also and make sure that not everything looks the same.

—For contemporary home décor, don’t put too much stuff on shelves and bookcases. If your home staging is designed to create a contemporary, minimalist look, keep the shelves and bookcases sparsely decorated. A couple of books, several accessories, and a lamp will do; too much will drown out the modern look you are going for.

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