The TEACHING Of An Ethical Real Estate Agent

Realtors, as well as anyone licensed, by a state, as a Licensed Salesperson, Real Estate Associate Broker, and/ or Broker, must proceed, in an honest, ethical way. This is both a legal requirement, as well as being part of a Realtor’s Code of Ethics, but, many learn the words, but fail, to consistently proceed, accordingly. These individuals must respect the concept, and proceed, with the TEACHING of a truly, ethical, real estate agent, consistently, whether convenient, or not. They must avoid the pitfalls of taking the often – easier paths, and opting for any shortcut, rather than focusing their attention, and allegiance, on doing the right thing. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly examine, consider, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means, and represents, and why it’s relevant and essential.

1. Truth: Tell the truth, whether it’s convenient, or not! This means avoiding telling lies, or half – truths, but, rather, providing ethical treatment, to those you represent, as a customer or client.

2. Empathy: An agent owes to his client, a high degree of genuine empathy, so, as, to be able, to best understand, what they seek, need, perceive, and prioritize. How can anyone serve their clients, in the best possible manner, until/ unless, they commit to effectively listening, learning, discovering, and caring about, the individual, who hired you?

3. Attitude: One must possess a genuine, positive, can – do, attitude, focused on the best way, to represent and serve, your client’s best interests! This takes discipline, focus, and a desire to proceed, ethically, at all times!

4. Character: Ethical behavior is a core component of possessing a quality character, focusing on your client’s best interests, rather than any self – interest, and potential greed, or selfishness!

5. Head/ heart: In order to achieve this objective, and behave, accordingly, it is necessary to learn what’s needed, agree with it, logically, while pursuing the degree of ethical behavior, and emotional commitment/ connection, which clearly demonstrates you intent! To do so, proceed, with a head/ heart balance!

6. Integrity; ideology; ideas; imagination: Maintaining absolute integrity, is often, somewhat, challenging, because it requires extreme commitment! Adopt and maintain, the ideology, where you introduce relevant ideas. with a cooperative, can – do, imagination, focused on the homeowner’s best interests.

7. Needs; nuances; negotiations: One’s behavior must focus on addressing the individual needs, and doing so, with respect for the many nuances, which distinguish, an ethical agent, from others! True, ethical agents, realize, they must, consistently, negotiate, in the best interests of their clients!

8. Generate goodwill; guarantee services/ loyalty: It’s essential to do, all one can, to consistently, generate goodwill. Will you be willing to guarantee, both, the services, you will provide, as well as your commitment to absolute loyalty?

Respect the TEACHING or risk, departing from the necessary ethics, a quality real estate agent, must respect, and proceed with! Are you up to the task, and responsibility?

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