The 10 Most Common Mistakes Property Agents Make

While there is a tremendous potential to augment your income and work with a flexible schedule, a real estate agent needs to develop awareness of what is improper in his professional conduct. The success of a real estate agent gets enhanced when he avoids committing the common mistakes.

Communicate with clients

Many clients hold this grievance: agents are not prompt in responding. Text updates have made client communication easier and less time-consuming. Agents should develop the habit of opening up channels of communication to ensure greater transparency. Return phone calls from clients. Call them back within a reasonable time if you are busy with another client. Make them your priority – do not take them for granted.

Learn to refuse

Trying to please clients all the time is not the right approach. Summon the courage to say no to the overpriced listing that will lead to wastage of time and effort. You should choose clients who respect you as a professional and politely decline the domineering clients who want to deprive you of what you deserve.

Learning something new

As the real estate business is changing fast, it is a blunder if you are not ready to learn and adapt. Your strategy – learn more and earn more – should make you a student for life. For instance, Internet marketing techniques should be used to grow your business instead of banking on listings in newspapers. Not using them Internet means you are missing out on a lot of exposure.

Build relationships with fellow agents

You must build strong professional relationships with other agents who represent buyers if you want to succeed. Not having other reliable agents in your network means you lessen your scope of cracking a deal during negotiations.

Hire an assistant

Hiring the right assistant is an investment that pays rich dividends. Focus on what the agent delivers. Your stress level goes down, you spend more time with family and you get more business.

Say Thanks

In our hectic lives, we forget to thank those who help us to achieve success. Send a thank-you note to someone who referred you or someone who gave you business. Be grateful. Value their assistance. When you show gratitude, your attitude and the attitude of others will also improve.

Listen to your client

Many clients complain that the agent does not listen to them. You need to hear what their goals are. You need to know the payment mode and schedule they prefer, their terms and conditions, and their flexibility limit. Failing to listen to them is a critical mistake. After all, you are dealing on behalf of your client and he should have the satisfaction that the agent is operating according to his guidelines.

Professional pictures of the property

Not taking professional pictures of the property and the surrounding location affects its sales prospects. Posting reallocation and real site pictures of the property create a better engagement and generate more views. Highlight the features along with the property in order to get more queries.

Lack of funds

Like any other business venture, you need funds to survive and build your business. A funding source helps you stay afloat for a few months. It makes perfect sense to do a part-time job or seek a small personal loan before you decide to become a full-time agent. Unless you have financial support, the prospect of surviving in a tough, competitive market becomes a tad difficult. Moreover, it takes time to get your first big break. Dreaming of success overnight is not being realistic.

Business plan

Most property agents do not chalk out a business plan when they join this business. It is important to identify short term and long term goals and have a rubric and a timeline to achieve them. There should a proper outline of how to spend resources and derive maximum benefits.

Turn the situation in your favour with careful planning – by fixing the common mistakes most agents make in their business.

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