Does Your Real Estate Agent Deserve Your TRUST?

Most states seek to protect citizens, by imposing specific legal restrictions, and licensing, of those involved, in selling real estate. In addition, individual Multiple Listing Service’s and both, national, as well as state and local realtor organizations, have, even stronger, and more – detailed, specific, Codes of Ethics. When seeking one’s best representation, whether you are a homeowner, seeking to sell your home, or a qualified, potential buyer, searching, for a home, of your own, it’s essential, to hire someone, who you, truly do, and believe, deserves your TRUST. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly examine, review, and consider, using the mnemonic approach, why this is important, and what it means, and represents.

1. Take time; timely: Everyone feels more comfortable, when they perceive, their representation, is fair, focused, and commits, to take the time, and uses his energy, to understand his client’s basic needs, priorities, etc. In addition, don’t clients deserve to expect, well – considered, focused, timely action, and an immediate response to addressing any concern, and answering questions, fully, and honestly?

2. Reliable; responsive; reasoning; rationale: Agents often, falsely assume, their clients, automatically understand, what they do, and, therefore, do not make enough effort, to fully explain one’s reasoning and rationale, and how it might benefit the client! If one hopes to earn the trust, he must commit ro doing this, while proceeding, consistently,in a responsive, reliable manner!

3. Useful; usable; unique; urge: When, the conversations are both, truly useful, as well as perceived, as such, and someone feels, his agent is urging him, for his benefit (rather than the agent’s self – interest), it’s far easier to earn the trust, one deserves, and needs, for quality representation Why should anyone believe any of these services, and/ or focus, are in the best interest of the client? What unique assets does the representative possess, which are helpful, and usable?

4. Smart; solutions; systems; sustainable; strength/ stronger: When one’s ideas are considered to be smart solutions, and his systems, are considered useful, helpful and worthwhile, he begins to gain the confidence of a client. The best way to proceed, is in both a relevant, and sustainable manner, and focus on using the strengths, and addressing weaknesses, proactively, to make one’s position stronger, and more effective!

5. Trends; tact; truth: How an agent explains something, makes a significant difference, in whether, one might listen, and believe! The use of tact, and patience, combined with carefully explaining relevant trends, generally earns trust and admiration. One must never abandon telling the truth, for the sake of expediency!

Does your real estate agent, deserve your TRUST? Does he clearly, demonstrate, and prove it, daily?

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